"I am the Regional Director of Maintenance of over 2900 units ranging from Ft. Collins to Colorado
Springs. Beartrax' work, scheduling, and communication with the community is second to none. When
Beartrax says something is going to be complete it will not only be completed on time and within budget.  
Beartrax's regard for residents is extraordinary and really sets a new standard."  I will use Beartrax for my
next capitol project and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Todd Bowen
Conam Regional Maintenance Director
"The quality of work on the jobs completed was outstanding." The work was completed in a timely matter
and without complication.  We found Beartrax LLC to have great communication skills. When a concern
would arise, it was resolved quickly.  We enjoyed their great attitude and professionalism.

Laurel Coulter
Citadel Village Apartments
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The owners and tenants are pleased with the quality of the new clubhouse and skilled installation provided
by Beartrax and its employees.  You, Christy and Art were honest and forthcoming with pertinent
information that made the construction process simple and straightforward. Compared to other companies
we have dealt with in the past, I would have to rank Beartrax as the most attentive and customer friendly.  
The fact you, as the owner, visited the site regularly made the staff and myself more comfortable with the
process was very much appreciated.

Jason Sadlack
DK Development
"It is not always easy having construction on property and Beartrax made it very convenient due to their
excellent communication skills, their timeliness and quality work. I would recommend them on any job, as
Beartrax proved to do a superb job at Cherry Creek Gardens."

Leslie Pinario
Cherry Creek Gardens